28 years

Wedding photographer



Hi! I am Erik!  In recent years, I have photographed large and small weddings in the sun, rain, fog and snow and captured unique moments. Wedding photography is my great passion, because no other area is so strongly influenced by emotions. Every wedding is unique; the bridal couple, the wedding party, the location, the weather, the love, the mood... it could not be more exciting!


I live with my wife and two small kids in Frankfurt am Main. As a young family dad, my everyday life is embossed by emotions and moments that conjure up a smile even weeks later. So I know how important it is to capture special memories before they fade over time.


From experience I know how difficult it can be to make the "right" decisions for the perfect day. When everything is prepared, it is no longer about the right cake and the right music; it's about the couple and their love. Not for the moment, but for eternity... and I want to capture that with my photos. My pictures should make you laugh and cry -  with joy. They should appear in years timeless and elegant and reflect the feelings and the mood of the day.


It is the beginning of a long, exciting story that I would like to share with my photos. How well a story can be told after years depends on how it was written in the beginning.






Jasmine & Christoph


"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We really cannot put it into words, how grateful we are! I'm moved to tears... Thank you! Not only we, but also 60 guests will recommend you to others! WOW! THANK YOU!"



Sarah & René


"We are overwhelmed, you have managed to tell our wedding in your pictures, you did a wonderful job, thank you very much for the great cooperation!"



Dominique & Julian


“Wow! What beautiful and unique photos you have made! We have looked at it again and again and are always excited, touched and just happy and thankful that we had such a great photographer! If you look at the pictures, you immediately feel transported back to this wonderful day! Since you get goose bumps again! Thank you very much for everything you have done on this day! We have always felt well and we have received only positive feedback from our guests. The positive energy that you broadcast throughout the day has definitely contributed to the great mood that day!”



Julie & Helge


"Thank you so much! The pictures are amazing and we like each other immensely, because you can't decide which one to framed and hang up. You're a very great person and it was a lot of fun to be photographed by you. Our families and friends were also enthusiastic about your warm and kind nature.”



Dajana & Eric


“You are the most likeable, attentive and most talented wedding photographer a wedding couple and wedding guests can wish for, but your permanent presence, which you unobtrusively carry out in the background, has led to the guests and us as a wedding couple have felt incredibly well and not bothered, your warm and creative nature, reflected in your fantastic pictures again. As we got to know each other, we realized that you were a perfect match for us: we wanted natural and emotionally powerful pictures that did not seem to have been asked. You have met and implemented that 1000%. In addition, you have all the details of our day exactly as desired. You have always been looking for a perfect and extraordinary picture to shoot. You have also succeeded and even enlarged it as a surprise. This picture is awesome - just fantastic! We are also absolutely thrilled with your photo book. The selected images, editing and compilation are just perfect. It's so nice to be able to share the great memories with family & friends with this book. You have given us a lot of pleasure with all these things. Thanks to your pictures, we will never forget that day and the emotions that come with it. Thank you so much for photographing our wedding. You can be sure that we will recommend you anytime."



Anja & Richie


"We looked at the photos of you yesterday in peace and are very enthusiastic and touched! Thank you for capturing the day so wonderfully and photographing so beautiful portraits of our guests! We have a great memory of the day, Thank you for everything!"



Franziska & Thomas


"Thank you very much for the photos, they look gorgeous, we are very happy, very happy with the pictures and thankful for these nice memories of this day."



Anne & Marvin


"With Erik as our photographer, we were completely happy and satisfied, the images of our wedding capture the mood of the entire day in full and will be a nice memory." In addition to the photos of the bridal pair shoot, Erik also managed during the wedding ceremony and the Celebration always at the right time to press the trigger. There were very beautiful, haphazard, moment holding photos. We met Erik as a very sympathetic, unperturbed and professional photographer, whom we can always recommend. A heartfelt thank you again for your good work!"



Katharina & Julian

"We got to know Erik as a very likeable person, and after a pre-wedding shoot, we knew that it would be very nice photos." The wedding photos have also become very beautiful. Thank you!"



Sandra & André


"We have to thank you. THANK YOU for the great pictures!"



Tanja & Alex


“First of all, thank you very much for the quick editing, it was really great and some special pictures were taken, the photos at the bar and in the lounge are awesome. We felt the ‘cooperation’ with you very pleasant, creative and purposeful, especially at the ceremony, you were like ‘invisible.’ We found this to be important and enjoyable! We would like to thank you for your work and wish you continued passion for photography"



Karina & Michael


"Thank you very much for the beautiful photos, there are great perspectives with us and we were very happy about the photobook, thank you very much."