You certainly already have some questions that concern you. That's a good thing - after all, it's about your very special day. I've put together the most common questions. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



How can we book you?


Just write me a message with the first information about your wedding. Within a short time, I'll let you know if I'll be available that day. I’ll be happy to get to know you during a non-binding preliminary talk and discuss the course of your wedding. Afterwards, I will send you the contract. Once the contract is signed, I can make a binding reservation for you.



When should I book a photographer for my wedding?


Once you've found an appointment and location for your wedding, finding a suitable photographer is the next important point. The dates in the main season are often already booked 12 months in advance.



How much does a wedding reportage cost?


Every wedding is very unique. The costs depend entirely on your time ideas and wishes. It is important to me that you have an accurate overview of all the costs so that you can consider them in your budget planning - no surprises.



Do we get to know you in advance?


With pleasure. It is important that we talk in advance about the process and get to know each other better. The better the chemistry, the more relaxed and well-rehearsed the bridal pair shoot will be on your wedding day. We meet in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen comfortably for a coffee.



Do you have a look at the location in advance?


If I have not yet taken pictures of your location, I'll take a close look at them before your wedding. I think about various spots in the area which are ideal for group photos and bridal pair shots before the wedding. If the location is more than 2 hours away, I will arrive the night before.



What happens when you get ill?


Fortunately, this case has never happened. If the worst comes to the worst, I'm well connected and can connect you with other photographers.


What will be your mode of operation on the wedding day?


As your wedding photographer, I behave inconspicuously. I am here, but you will not perceive me. It's important that I act in the background. I won’t disturb the wedding but the most beautiful photos will be created. In group photos and the bridal pair shoot, I take over the direction, put everyone in the right light and pay attention to details. I have summarized the course of a wedding day under the heading services (wedding reportage).



When is the best time for the bridal pair shoot?


From a photographic point of view, it's nice if the shoot takes place during the afternoon or morning. The low sun creates beautiful wedding photos that create a special atmosphere. In the blazing midday sun, of course, it is also possible, we’d look for shadows to create a homogeneous light and avoid hard contours. In general, I recommend scheduling the bridal pair shoot between the wedding ceremony and the reception at the location. Here the mood is very relaxed and relaxed. Many friends see each other again after a long time. It does not stand out when you're traveling with me for 30 - 45 minutes. We are also happy to shoot longer. I only recommend that your wedding party is not boring and has to bridge the time until you are back. After all, you are the center of the wedding.



Which location is suitable for the bridal couple shoot?


Here I’ll suggest different spots, nearby parks, lakes, castles, or palaces are suitable. You are welcome to make suggestions for other locations, there are no limits to your creativity. You can count on the bridal pair shoot to be a highlight.



What happens if it rains?


Don't worry. Even in the rain you can take beautiful pictures. Here I work with transparent umbrellas and lighting. Not everyone has these photos and they are very special. Of course, if necessary, we will adapt the shoot to the dry periods of the day or look for covered spots. I am prepared for this case.


Which camera do you use?


I shoot with full-frame cameras from Canon and use only high-quality lenses. The special thing that sets me apart from other photographers is that I attach two cameras to my belt, so I miss no important moment in a lens change and can take quite different perspectives.



What happens when a camera stops working?


 I have a backup camera and flashes in case my main camera stops working.



Are you offering a photo booth?


I do not offer a photo booth, as there are now numerous providers on the Internet who have specialized in it. I do not offer a photo booth so I can concentrate fully on your reportage.


When do we receive the photos?


All photos will be made available to you in digital form no later than 21 days after the wedding. If you want a photo album, it may take a little bit longer.



How many photos do we receive?


Clearly, quality is what matters most to me. In general, you should not choose your photographer from the number of images you receive. The quality always comes first. You can expect about 40-50 shots per hour.



Will all photos get retouched?


Yes. I edit all photos myself and take enough time here. I have a high demand on my work and do not give this part to other service providers.



Will my photos get published?


For me as a wedding photographer, the photos are the product that sets me apart. In order to give further bridal couples an accurate impression of my work, I will include a selection of photos on my blog. Of course, this is done in accordance with the highest standards and empathy.



What rights do we get for the photos?


You will receive all rights for private use without restriction. Of course, you can also share the photos with friends via social networks. Please add here the copyright notice (Photo: Traumhafte Hochzeitsfotografie).